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How much does the software cost?

Initial: Software pricing depends on modules selected and participation in dealer programs. Manufacturer co-op funding may sometimes be used towards technology and marketing-related costs. Upfront fees go towards software licensing, server configuration, optional third-party licenses, prior system data conversion, a dedicated Project Manager for installation and setup, and unlimited training.

Monthly: The monthly subscription ranges from $250-$1500 depending on modules selected. The monthly subscription covers regular support, 24/7 after-hours emergency support, software hosting, automatic updates, and 7-day rolling backups.

Terms: Terms may be available. Please contact us for more details.

Do I own the software or is the software a subscription?

The software usage is licensed on a subscription basis. You own your data and your data is never shared with any third parties unless requested by you.

Should you ever decide to change software you have three options: 1. Extract data on your own using the tools in the software; 2. Work with a recommended third-party data conversion company; 3. Purchase Read-Only access for a fraction of normal of subscription costs.

Our software comes with NO CONTRACTS and is licensed on a month-by-month basis.

How long does it take to get up and running?

We have a saying when it comes to “on-boarding”… “Let’s take a short cut and do it right the first time.”

But seriously, the amount of time to “Go Live” is highly dependent upon the components of the software you implement and how much time you and your team put into preparation and practice. That said, we have had dealers “Go Live” in as little as 1 week. Others have taken a few months.

For dealers who do not have a person on staff dedicated to “on-boarding”, we recommend that you allocate 30 minutes a day to the process of preparation, configuration, and pre-go live practice using our Implementation Guide. As you progress through the implementation process, you will be able to gauge a realistic target date for “go live”.

To help reduce costs and further encourage taking the time to properly “on-board”, we only charge 1/2 the regular monthly support rate during “pre-go live’ preparation.

How is training performed?

Training is conducted via a combination of Online Training Courses and a DEMO system. The Online Training Courses contain a mix of videos and practice lessons that you can perform in the DEMO system.

As you and staff are going through the training, we will be helping assist you get your system configured. Once fully configured, we copy your system to a PRE GO LIVE version. In this PRE GO LIVE system, you can perform a test run. For users that replicate at least 30-40 tickets, in the PRE GO LIVE version, the day of actual conversion goes very smoothly.

Can you convert data from my previous system?

Data conversions from most industry billing systems is available. This includes Customers & History. In some instances Inventory can be converted. We understand how important your customer database and history is to your business.

In instances where data cannot be converted, we have spreadsheet uploads for Customers, Inventory, Vendors, and A/R. Please contact us to see if you current system can be converted.

Do you offer a trial / test drive?

For potential users who are willing to go through our Getting Started Online Training Course, we will provide 30-day access to a Test Drive system. A small refundable deposit may be required.

What are the hardware / Internet requirements?

Workstation: Recommended i3 processor or higher.
Operating System: Windows 10 (or any Microsoft supported version of full Windows).
Printer: Any configured Windows printer. For oil change stickers: GoDex RT700i.
Tablet: Any Windows tablet. Recommended Microsoft Surface GO updated to full Windows or Mobile Demand Rugged Flex10a.
Internet: 3mbps download, 1mbps (Dedicated bandwidth to shop devices.)
Mac & iPad: HITS can run on Mac via the Fusion or BootCamp program. HITS can only run on iPad via the Parallel Access RDP app.

What if Internet goes out?

If your Windows workstations equipped with a wireless Internet card, you can alternately connect to the Internet using a mobile “WiFi” or what is also referred to as a “hotspot”. Also, most smartphones today are capable of operating as a “hotspot”.

Additionally, some local Internet providers offer WiFi “fallback” capability with their hardwired Internet service. In these configurations, the “router” in your store automatically switches to “wifi” upon sensing an outage of your dedicated Internet service.

Do I need a local server / network to run the software?

NO. You only need a currently supported full version of Microsoft Windows on a computer, laptop, or tablet that can connect to the Internet.

Where is my data hosted? Is it safe?

Data is stored in IBM data centers. These are premier hosting facilities designed to house thousands of servers, utilize multiple ultra-high Internet backbone providers, are built to sustain Category 5 hurricanes, and prolonged power outages. IBM facilities are staffed 24/7.

Your data is backed up nightly via a multi-level backup process including a nightly off-site backup. We currently maintain 7 running day backups and 12 month-end backups.

Can the software run on a tablet? / mobile device?

Yes. The software can run on any full version Windows tablet with internet access or a mobile carrier card. Some users connect their tablet to mobile hotspot/ jetpack.