Simple, Cloud Point-Of-Sale

HITS is a simple, yet robust cloud-based, enterprise point-of-sale and shop management system used by retail and commercial tire businesses, auto repair shops, and quick lube centers.


Customer & Vehicle Management

At the center of managing your customer relationships, HITS centralizes your customer database and helps you easily maintain records of customer history, vehicle service reminders, and future and declined service.


Tires, Tires, Tires

HITS was first built in the 80s for inventorying, pricing, and invoicing tires. Thirty-plus years later, HITS’ tire functionality resides at the core of the application with one purpose in mind – To help you move more rubber! Example Invoice – Tires, Brakes, Oil (Video)


Auto Service

While HITS BPOS (Point-Of-Sale) can be used for invoicing auto service, HITS ServiceCAT, an add-on to the HITS BPOS Point-Of-Sale system, provides lightning-fast parts and labor estimating, online part ordering, and service intervals in a streamlined user interface. Example Invoice – Alternator (Video)


Quick Lube

HITS ServiceCAT, an add-on to HITS BPOS (Point-Of-Sale) contains an extremely powerful quick module called VSOC, which stands for Vehicle Specific Oil Change. VSOC was built to create 10-second oil changes that automatically upcharge for additional oil and premium filters. Example Invoice – Oil Change (Video)


Communications & Digital Inspection

HITS helps your shop communicate and helps automate communications with your customers, helping make sure important details do not slip through the cracks! Emailing and texting is supported by HITS. Digital Inspection is available through a third-party integration with AutoTextMe.


Appointment & Bay Mangement

When asked what makes HITS stand ahead of its competition, we often answer that HITS’ appointment and bay management (scheduling) features are among its richest! Bay Management has the ability to transform how your shop’s schedules work either as an in-store management tool or from a centralized call center.


Inventory Management

The programming code that contains the HITS inventory functionality has been running as a solid, stable workhorse for 30+ years. Track and audit your inventory with confidence, ease, and accuracy with HITS inventory management.


Outside Part Management

Now more than ever, retailers are seeing more and more of their goods sold being sold as “Outside Goods.” Whether referring to outside auto parts or outside tires and wheels, managing outside parts has become just as important as managing inventory. HITS provides the tools to track and enforce outside purchase posting including a robust returned good tracking system.


Payment and Signature Processing

Through a partnership with 1stMile / Merchant Partners, HITS contains integrated payment processing and digital signature capture, printing, and storage. Reduce payment errors and streamline fleet cards, manufacturer cards, and consumer financing, all integrated into the point-of-sale.


Commercial Fleets

By virtue of being an enterprise-based system with embedded Accounts Receivable, HITS does a great job helping you service your commercial fleets. HITS also provides you with the tools to keep your customer’s fleet manager happy including automated invoice emails, detailed reporting, and customer-based contract pricing.


Salesrep and Technician Tracking

HITS gives you the tools to track sales and invoiced labor hours for Salesreps and Technicians. Simple reporting helps you stay on top of payroll and accurately compensate your staff.


Embedded Accounts Receivable

HITS contains a simple and complete Accounts Receivable (A/R) module that provides real-time consolidated A/R and credit management. Payments posted at the Corporate Office are reflected across the entire enterprise in real-time. Detailed reporting and in-time statements can be printed or auto-emailed. A robust credit management system can warn or block customers who are past due or over limit.


Batch Accounting / ERP Integration

HITS is integrated with the leading accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Sage, Great Plains, Mas90, and more through the Accounting Link integration. The Accounting Link is batch integration that allows Bookkeeping staff to validate data before importing into the accounting system. HITS does not contain a native general ledger system.


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Pricing / FAQs

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