Simple Billing & Order Tracking

In wholesale tire distribution, time is money! That is why HITS has been designed to be a simple, fast, and efficient order entry and billing system. The video below shows the workflow for pricing and invoicing a set of tires for a call-in customer. You can click the button in the lower right-corner of the video frame to make the video full screen for easier viewing.


Robust Inventory Management

The programming code that contains the HITS inventory functionality has been running as a solid, stable workhorse for 30+ years. Track and audit your inventory with confidence, ease, and accuracy with HITS inventory management. For the super-sized tire distributor, HITS is integrated with the RTS Warehouse Management System.


Real-Time E-Commerce

The HITS Tirelink e-Commerce platform is one of the few real-time tire e-Commerce systems on the market. When inventory sells, available quantities are updated on the platform in real-time. Make a change to a customer’s pricing profile? Post a payment to a customer’s account? Adjust their retail pricing profile? Changes are reflected on your site instantly. This video will show how the HITS Tirelink e-Commerce platform ties in seamlessly to the HITS BPOS billing system.


Simple & Enhanced Pricing Management

Regardless of how simple or how complex your pricing strategy is, HITS has you covered! Whether you maintain universal price levels, create customer pricing “templates,” price profile customers individually, or even set customer “contract” pricing by item, HITS can most likely handle your pricing requirements. HITS can also help you manage specials.


Cloud-Based Enterprise System

HITS is a cloud-based enterprise system, meaning you can forget having to maintain servers, a network, or complicated IT! HITS can be accessed across the organization in real-time. An owner can perform price updates from their tablet in the Bahamas while warehouse managers in two different warehouses can see each other’s inventory and initiate transfers.


Data Hub and Integrations

As a cloud-based enterprise system, HITS serves as a perfect central data hub for all your sales integrations. As the wholesale tire distribution web continues to tangle, you can have confidence that your Simple Tire, Tire Connect, AMI (AutoMed), etc. integrations will continue to deliver your data to all established endpoints on a reliable, consistent schedule.


Management & Sellout Reporting

HITS contains an extensive library of reports for analyzing sales trends, inventory, and A/R, and computing salesrep commissions. In addition to the management reports needed to make informed business decisions, HITS provides manufacturer sellout reporting. As part of the software evaluation, we happy to review sellout reporting you have and provide reporting for any manufacturer that requires your sellout data.


Embedded A/R & Credit Management

HITS contains a simple and complete Accounts Receivable (A/R) module that provides real-time consolidated A/R and credit management. Payments posted at the Corporate Office are reflected across the entire enterprise in real-time. Detailed reporting and in-time statements can be printed or auto-emailed. A robust credit management system can warn or block customers who are past due or over limit.


Batch Accounting / ERP Integration

HITS is integrated with the leading accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Sage, Great Plains, Mas90, and more through the Accounting Link integration. The Accounting Link is batch integration that allows Bookkeeping staff to validate data before importing into the accounting system.


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Pricing / FAQs

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