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Welcome to HITS 301 – Getting Started With Wholesale Billing & E-commerce. Click the video below to begin. Use the LAST and NEXT arrows or the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen to proceed through the training.



In this video, we will show how to look up and add customers into the system. Please see the Getting Started Help Sheet For Adding Customers guide below this video for step-by-step guidance on setting up new customer accounts.


Click Here To Print : Getting Started Help Sheet For Adding Customers (PDF)



In this video we will show how to look up and price inventory within the system.


Working With Tickets

In this video we will show the different ticket types in the system; show looking up tickets for the day; and will show billing a customer from start to finish.



In this video, we will show an example e-commerce website and will show how customer orders placed online are processed within the system.


Daily Closing (End of Day)

In this video, we will show the daily end-of-day process of closing the store day. Depending on how your warehouse operates, this operation may be performed by the bookkeeping staff.


Practice Lessons

Below are some Practice Lessons. Attempt to create the practice lesson tickets in your DEMO.


Practice Lesson #1 – Add A New Customer
Use the Getting Started Help Sheet For Adding New Customers (in the Customers section) to practice adding a new customer into the system.

Set the customer up with terms and set the customer’s pricing to Price Code 1 with a 10% discount.


Practice Lesson #2 – Lookup Inventory and Start Ticket
With the customer you just created as the “active customer”, go to the Inventory Lookup screen and look up tires in Rawsize = 2256016.

Go to the Drive Out Pricing tab and place 2 tires (of your choice) on a New Workorder for the customer. (Right-click in the “Custom Package” column of the tires you are selling.)

Go the Payments tab of the ticket, Apply The Customers Default AR Terms, and Print & Close the ticket.


Practice Lesson #3 – Create a ticket
The customer you have just sold has called back in to ask for two more tires in the same size. If the customer is still the “active customer”, click the New Workorder button on the toolbar.