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Welcome to HITS 201 – ServiceCAT + LubeCAT Training. Click the video below to begin.


ServiceCAT (9:04)


LubeCAT - Oil Change (6:32)


Inspection (3:16)


My Jobs (2:46)


Practice Lessons

1. If you are an existing HITS user who has recently signed up for ServiceCAT and practicing in your LIVE system – Complete the following lessons using a vehicle in your system and adding items to a quote. When done, you can delete the items from the quote.

2. If you are new HITS user, you will be practicing ServiceCAT in a DEMO system. – Complete the following lessons using the vehicle with TAG: (North Carolina) AFT-4777 – 2012 Ford Escape XLT. This is an existing vehicle in your DEMO system. *If you are in the DEMO system – ServiceCAT uses DEMO vendors so vendor and part availability may be limited.*

Practice Lesson #1 – Front Brakes Pads Quote
Create a new quote and add the vehicle to the ticket. Launch ServiceCAT using the ServiceCAT button on the bottom of the ticket. Add front brake pads and labor to the ticket. Exit ServiceCAT back to HITS BPOS ticket. “Print Quote” and submit.

Practice Lesson #2- VSOC (Oil Change) Workorder
Create a new quote and add the same vehicle as you did in Lesson #1 to this new quote. From the quote, click the VSOC button on the bottom of the ticket. Select the recommended oil from Local Inventory. Transfer oil items to HITS BPOS ticket and exit to HITS BPOS ticket. “Print Workorder” and submit.