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Welcome to HITS 104 – HITS Accounts Receivable. Click the video below to begin.


Charge Account Setup

Only users with password permission can set up a charge account in the system. An existing (cash) customer can be edited to have charge terms or a brand new charge account can be set up.


Posting Payments

Posting a payment for a charge account is very simple. This video will show how to post a payment and discuss the two disbursement methods. Some shops allow their salesreps to accept and post payments for charge accounts. Salesreps with this responsibility should watch this video to see how to post payments.



Most HITS users process “open item” AR, meaning payments are disbursed to specific pending transactions. This video will show how to disburse customer payments to specific pending, open transactions.


Posting Credits & Debits

Credits are generally used when you are lowering a customer’s balance and no money is exchanging hands. Debits are generally used for increasing a customer’s balance. Posting credits and debits are similar to posting payments in HITS. This video will show posting both a credit and a debit.



In HITS, aging your accounts is a simple process that involves a few clicks. HITS allows the bookkeeper flexibility on when to age. Aging can be performed any time after the AR cutoff date and should be performed prior to running statements.



In HITS, Statements can be printed or emailed to customers (or both!) The HITS Statements routine is built with system defaults, so once you configure your Statement settings you should be able to run the program without making any selection changes. Statements can run as a “batch” or can be run for a individual customers.


Practice Lessons

Below are two practice A/R tickets. Click the link to print the lessons and then attempt to create the practice tickets in your DEMO.

Click to download – PRACTICE LESSONS