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Welcome to HITS 103 – Receiving View! If you have not already gone through HITS 101, please stop and do so before proceeding with this module.



The Receiving View is where Receipts, Purchase Orders, and Transfer tickets are created and managed. It also where vendor management takes place. This video will give a brief overview of vendors in the system and will show adding a new vendor into the system.


Receipts & Receiving

If your shop is tracking inventory or posting vendor payables into HITS, you will likely want to learn how to create Receipts. Receipts can be used for posting any type of expense. Inventory receiving via a Receipt will update available quantity.

This video will provide an overview of Receipts & Receiving in HITS. This same video was shown in HITS 101 – Getting Started. If you have already viewed this video, you can skip this section or review it again for a review.


Returns & Credits

HITS allows you the ability to post Return / Credit tickets for returning goods as well as other credits. HITS also provides a tracking screen for all pending credits. When credits are received, they can easily be posted into the system.

This video will show posting a Return / Credit ticket, tracking pending credits, and returning outside purchase parts from a workorder.


Transfers (Multi-location)

If you are a multi-location business, you may transfer inventory. Transfers can occur from between locations or from a central / mixing warehouse.

a. About Transfers (2:17)

This video will give a brief overview of transfers. It will also discuss the two different permission settings that users can be granted to process transfer tickets.

b. Processing a Transfer Ticket (4:38)

This video will show processing a transfer ticket between locations using the Forced Reconciliation setting in which both the inbound location and outbound location process the transfer before the transfer can be finalized and closed.


Purchase Orders (POs)

Purchase POs tickets are the third ticket type of the Receiving View. Purchase Orders allow you to verify items have been ordered for customer tickets and allow you to track orders. POs can be exported to spreadsheet for larger orders. Not all shops use the the Purchase Orders. Ask your manager if you shop will be required to create Purchase Orders for inventory in your system.

a. Overview of Purchase Orders (POs) (3:05)

This video will give a brief overview of Purchase Orders (POs,) discuss the different ways POs can be created, and list the numerous benefits for using POs.

b. Working with POs (4:06)

This video will show creating a PO, reconciling multiple POs from a vendor, building a receipt from a PO, and reconciling a Receipt to a PO.

c. Restocking PO (3:59)

Restocking POs can be created either by stocking levels or by movement. This video will show creating a restocking PO and editing stocking levels.


Practice Lessons

Below are three practice Receiving tickets. Click the link to print the lessons and then attempt to create the practice tickets in your DEMO.

Click to download – PRACTICE LESSONS