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Andreoli Enhances DOT Compliance Reporting

Huntersville, NC (August 13,2013)– Point-of-Sale provider Andreoli & Associates (http://www.aasys.com) announced today that it has added two significant enhancements to its Cloud-Based HITS® BPOS software for better DOT number compliancy.

DOT# Warning on Invoice Completion– Point-of-Sale can now be set to check for invoices that include tires subject to DOT# reporting. When this feature is activated and the invoice does not contain DOT#s, the salesperson can either be warned or blocked from closing the ticket. Mike Andreoli, President of A&A added “Many of our tire dealership owners have expressed their desire to offer customers the added service of registering their tires with the Federal Government. Yet, they were concerned their staff would not always capture DOT numbers on invoices. This enhancement eliminates the excuse that the counter person forgot to check.”

Missing DOT# Report– To complement the new warning option, Andreoli & Associates added a new report that lists invoices with missing DOT numbers, including the sales person that closed the ticket. Noted Andreoli, “The Missing DOT number report provides the necessary documentation to ensure compliance with this vital customer service.”

Andreoli added, “Our ‘hands-free’ reporting integration with CIMS Tire Registration makes it effortless for a dealer to provide this valuable service to their customers. Our cloud servers gather all the data for those dealers signed up for CIMS automated DOT# registration and forwards it electronically to CIMS. Angela Trayer, Vice President Information Technology for CIMS confirmed the value of the integration “Dealers have more than enough administrative tasks on their plates. Andreoli’s integration helps tire dealers comply with the law of registering tires and completely eliminates the manual reporting process.”

Click this link, http://www.aasys.com/dot to watch a short video on the ease of capturing DOT#’s in HITS® BPOS.

About Andreoli & Associates
Celebrating its 28th anniversary, Andreoli & Associates is a leading cloud-based provider of innovative business management and point of sale solutions for growth-oriented tire retail and automotive service centers and wholesale tire distributors. The company can be found on the Web at www.aasys.com.

About CIMS
Based in Akron, Ohio, CIMS is a privately owned, independent company that provides products and services to tire manufacturers, private brand owners, tire dealers, tire importers, mass merchandisers and automobile dealerships to facilitate the entire tire registration process. The company exists to help its clients comply with the record keeping requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act (1966) and related National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Tire Registration Regulations (49 CFR Part 574).

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