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Invoice Forms

HITS can be configured to print a background image on your Quote, Workorder, and Invoice Forms. HITS supports an image for each form type so you could have a separate image for Quotes, Workorders, and Invoices. You could also use the same image for all three forms.

Having a background image allows you to including branding and marketing information on your printed tickets. The background images will also be used for tickets that are emailed from the system.

There are two different form layouts; the LONG form and the STANDARD form. Examples and Order Forms can be seen below.

HITS works with a graphics contractor to design background images. The contractor charges $99/ hour.

Long Form

The LONG Form is used primary by retailers for the main purpose of fitting more line items on a single page.

PROS: More line items on page, Does not show Shop Supplies as a line item, Subtotals Discounts, Prints Flag Time as Labor Time, Optimized for Digital Signature Capture (prints on bottom of page). Displays better on Mobile Device.
CONS: Smaller Header area for logo. Does not contain some of the product information fields (BIN#, Ply, Weight, etc.)

See Examples Submit Long Form Request – NEW Submit Long Form Request – EDIT EXISTING
Standard Form

The STANDARD Form is used primarily by commercial  / wholesale tire dealers mainly for its flexibility on printing “product” related data.

PROS: Can optionally print “Product” related data, Supports Multiple Ship-To Addresses, More room for marketing.
CONS: Less line items per page, Does not contain some new “retail” based print options.

See Examples Submit Standard Form Request – NEW Submit Standard Form Request – EDIT EXISTING