Simplify your GBMS software conversion by choosing HITS® by Andreoli

For independent Goodyear tire and auto service shops, the deadline has been set for the turning off GBMS software. Join the other Goodyear tire and service shops that have upgraded their GBMS software to HITS® by Andreoli.

GBMS Software Conversion Bundle
Example Invoice #1 (Big Kahuna)
Tires, Brakes, Pump, Lube

Example Invoice #2:
Alternator & Oil Change

Example Invoice #3:
Oil Change Only


Top 10 Reasons For Converting to HITS From GBMS Software

#1. Complete Car Care Point-of-Sale & Shop Management
HITS® is built to streamline point-of-sale, quoting, invoicing, parts ordering, and shop management for tire, auto service, and quick lube service centers. HITS® has been used by tire, auto, and lube professionals for 35+ years and is a favorite replacement solution for GBMS software.
#2. Cloud-based, Enterprise System
HITS® runs in the cloud, can be accessed from anywhere, and does not require a local server. For multi-location service centers, HITS® is an enterprise system that connects all locations to each other in real-time.
#3. Inventory & Outside Part Management & Reconciliation
HITS® contains powerful inventory management features for keeping track of inventory, re-ordering, reconciling outside purchases, tracking returns, and cutting loss. Import your GBMS software inventory into HITS for a smooth transition.
#4. Lookup and Order From Your Preferred Tire Vendors
Lookup and order tires from your perferred tire suppliers in HITS® TireCAT, powered by Tire Connect. No more going from website to website looking for the right product and right price for your customers!
#5. Integrated Service Estimator with Parts Ordering
Quickly and easily quote service jobs with labor times and parts from your perferred parts suppliers. Once the customer has authorized work, seamlessly order parts from the point-of-sale. No vendor website or data entry required!
#6. Streamlined Quick-Lube Module
The HITS® quick lube module builds 15-second oil change quotes, pulling specs, proper fill quantities, and automatically up-charges for additional oils and premium filters, as well as providing oil change sticker printing.
#7. Robust Scheduling, Bay Management, & Appointments
The scheduler in HITS® helps you schedule your customer’s appointments and optimize bay usage for technician and equipment productivity. The appointment module also includes integrated online appointments.
#8. Data Conversion & Dedicated & Project Manager
HITS® can import data from your GBMS software system, helping ensure a smooth transition. In addition, HITS comes with a dedicated project manager to guide you through our structured training and implementation guide. On-site services available based on need and availability.
#9. Top-Rated U.S. Based Customer Support
The HITS® point-of-sale is backed by a first-class customer support experience. For 35+ years, our customer support is highly ranked by our customers. As a shop owner or manager, you do not need to be a software expert, our team helps you every step of the way!
#10. Keep your payment provider
By replacing your GBMS software with HITS® you can be assured in keeping your existing payment provider. Ask us to demonstrate how payment processing and signature capture is fully integrated into the point-of-sale!
Hands down this company is on top of their game!!! We use their Point of Sale program with our company and it is a very user friendly program and the customer service and support is amazing. We just made a major change in our Point of Sale program by adding a second store. With any change their will be kinks and things not working the way they should. What made this transition so great was that their response time was amazing with every fix and correction that was made. I am not usually a fan of using email as a fast way to do business or fix problems that need to be addressed fast, but they asked us to email each issue and they got right on every issue fast. Each email was answered and the problem corrected in a crazy fast time. I am amazed that we made this transition yesterday Morning and 24 hrs later our system is working like a dream. This was probably the least painful major change we have ever done as a business. Andreoli & Associates ROCKS!!! I highly recommend them to anyone that wants a Software company that can help them run their business easier, You must try Andreoli. This Company is a 5 star company in my opinion.
Robert Jenkins
Robert Jenkins
18:00 05 Sep 18
Troy Edam
Troy Edam
13:39 02 Nov 18
Andreoli & Associates Made our life easier. Our wholesale operation went from having 3 different software POS in less than a year. Thank God we found them. They have by far the most knowledgeable and friendly staff in the industry. Highly recommend.
21:01 12 Oct 17
The team at Andreoli & Associates go above and beyond my expectations. I am a store manager at Autopros, a tire and service shop and this software is so user friendly. If there is anything I need help with they are just a quick phone call away. Most recently they helped me with a computer issue completely unrelated to there software. Thanks!!!!
Jim Pappel
Jim Pappel
16:03 27 Jan 17
We are a family business with three locations and have used Andreoli for 15 months now. We had RO Writer before which was very good for every area of business management but it did not support multiple locations.In our opinion HITS software is not as easy to use as what we had before. A few frustrations are shortage of space to write in labor descriptions, not a smooth flow building invoices using the keyboard (you have to use the mouse more than we would like), and reports are very basic. They are very willing to take your suggestions for improvement and have implemented several of them already. Just recently Mike Andreoli came to our location and worked with us for 4 hours. He now has a list of our pain points. This means a lot to us and tells you how dedicated they are to improve. I realize now how difficult it can be to write software and make changes to the existing platform. The support team has been very friendly and supportive while we were learning to use the software.I don't suppose there is a perfect software out there but the Andreoli team is working very hard and getting closer to it.
Doug Holt
Doug Holt
12:19 28 Jan 19
Mike and David are great guys! The rest of the team really care about your business and ease and ROI are front and foremost their concern.
Steve Bradshaw
Steve Bradshaw
14:14 28 Feb 19
Staff and quality of service are top notch. They always handle my needs quickly and professionally.Thank you Andreoli & Associates,Brandon
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams
15:11 30 Jan 19
We have been with Andreoli & Associates since 1996. Their staff has always been so accommodating. Always pleasant and always knowledgeable. Thank you.
Kirk Tire Sales
Kirk Tire Sales
19:35 01 Feb 19