Please read, fill out, sign, and date this Implementation Agreement, and return it to us (Andreoli). You can click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page … or… Fax: 704-895-2985 … or … Email: This is not a contract, just an acknowledgment of your understanding of some key provisions to help ensure a more successful installation.


1. Primary System Admin (PSA)– I understand that one employee at my business must serve as the Primary System Admin (PSA).

The Primary System Admin will be in charge of learning the system and coordinating the training of my other employees before my business can “go live”. The Primary System Admin will serve as the main point of contact for working with the HITS Technical Support Center (Andreoli) for all aspects of configuration, on-going support, and problem resolution.

Please list the Primary System Admin in the form found at the bottom of this agreement.

2. Primary Contact(s)– I understand that, for security purposes, if I want HITS Technical Support to make any changes to my system (i.e. adding/removing users, edits to password permissions, changes to system settings, etc.) after going live, those requests must come directly from me or another “primary contact” on my account.

The PSA will automatically be designated as a “primary contact”. If there is anybody else in your business (i.e. an owner, a manager, etc.) that should also have permission to request changes to your system, please list his/her name(s) and business role(s) in the field found in the form below. Please note: if somebody at your business other than a Primary Contact requests a change be made to your system, HITS Technical Support will ask he/she to contact one of the Primary Contacts on your account.

3. Implementation Directories – I understand that Andreoli will provide 3 directories: A DEMO directory for completing the training curriculum and exercises; a LIVE directory where my final system will be configured; and a “pre-Go Live” directory where I will create practice tickets and verify that the system has been setup properly to meet my needs.

4. Training & Exercises – I understand that at least one employee, preferably our PSA, must complete all of the HITS training courses and perform the exercises in the DEMO.

5. Configuration Completion – I understand that my system configuration must be completed at least one week before my business is scheduled to “go live.”

6. “Pre-Go Live” Practice/Test Day of Business – Once the system is completely configured, Andreoli will copy my finalized LIVE directory to my “Pre-Go Live” directory.

I understand that before my business can “go live”, at least one person from my business must complete a typical day’s business, including the printing of all relevant reports, and performing a “daily closing” using data from my existing system.

7. HITS Technical Support – Normal support is logged to the Support Center at 800-422-2032 or by email at The calls are logged electronically and are returned in the order they are received. Regular support hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. EST, Mon-Fri.

As a HITS customer, you also receive 24/7 Emergency Support at 757-875-9460. This is an answering service that will contact an on-call support technician. Emergency support is intended for just that, emergencies such as being unable to invoice customers, a server being down, etc.


I have read and understand the requirements of our business for installing and implementing HITS software in our business. I understand our business cannot “go live” until all configurations and required steps are completed. I understand these requirements are in place to ensure our business has a successful and smooth installation.